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At Agen, we develop industry-leading remote machine condition monitoring solutions for Industry 4.0, enabling service providers to carry out predictive maintenance from any location. Our products save operators time and money, reducing machine downtime while protecting staff health and safety.


Our Goal

Why Predictive Maintenance?

Avoid catastrophic machine failure by receiving automatic alerts before problems arise. Trace machine condition history in our user-friendly app, providing a complete picture of machine health. Improve efficiency, track data from anywhere, and scale your operations with our end-to-end remote monitoring solution.


Our Approach

Why Go Wireless?

Our IIoT wireless sensor units install in minutes, sticking easily onto any machine via a magnetised base. Save on installation costs associated with traditional wired systems. Our ORLANDO series wireless sensors feature a long battery life and can be installed even while the machine is running. Ideal applications include:

  • Water pumps
  • Cooling fans and cooling towers
  • Compressors
  • Pond aerators

Our Advantages

Why Our Sensors?

Other wireless sensors Orlando wireless sensors
Form Factor

Large form factor, hard to fit in confined space.

Very small form factor, can easily fit in confined space.

Frequency Values

Only do single RMS values.

Can do raw waveform, FFT, and user-defined frequency band RMS values.


Only send raw waveform to server for post processing. Not scalable when many sensor nodes send raw waveforms, putting stress on the comms and server. 

Can strategically only send frequency band RMS values and only send waveforms and FFTs when certain criteria are met. 

Recording data

Recording data can get lost when wireless connection is temporarily unavailable.

Recording data is stored in the sensor and uploaded when back online.

Offline mode Offline mode normally not available Offline mode available, can take data without any wireless network present. Collect data for a few days – a few months and upload it afterwards.
Recording Intervals

Only take recording at the configurable fixed intervals.

Can configure rules to allow different types of recordings to be taken at variable intervals based on changing machine conditions.

Connectivity Only work with their expensive proprietary gateways Can work with off the shelf standard Wi-Fi routers, or just join existing Wi-Fi network
Data Rates

BLE Max. data rates: 1 Mbps. LoRaWAN Max. data rates: 27 kbps

Wireless throughput up to 13 Mbps

Cloud and On-premise

Cloud option only.

Both cloud and on-premise options available.

Battery Replacement

Difficult and time-consuming. Cannot be replaced in hazardous environments, must first be transported back to the office. Special tools required to open sensors

Fast and simple. Able to be replaced on-site in Zone 2 hazardous environments. No tool is required to open sensors.

Choose from three possible scenarios

Solutions Architecture


Form a standalone system that combines our sensors and cloud software platform.


Form a standalone system that combines our sensors with an on-premise software platform.

Existing System Integration

Integrate our smart sensors for use within your existing monitoring system.

Our Products

Orlando Series Wireless Sensors


Our Products

Orlando 200

Our ORLANDO 200 series wireless sensors are the engine powering our advanced IIoT remote condition monitoring system. Reliable, flexible, and affordable; these first-gen units are the ideal choice for large scale deployment. Suitable for use across a range of industries. Install within minutes, featuring a compact design that fits almost anywhere. The ORLANDO 200 is a proven force in machine condition monitoring.


Our Products

Orlando 622

Our industry-leading ORLANDO 600 series wireless sensors represent the cutting edge of modern IIoT sensor technology. These second-gen sensors boast an improved data acquisition capability: faster sampling rate, and an increased number of samples. Packaged in a cost effective full plastic case. Built for Industry 4.0.


Our Products

Orlando 642-Ex

Our industry-leading ORLANDO 600 series wireless sensors represent the cutting edge of modern sensor technology. These second-gen sensors boast an improved battery life, faster sampling rate, and an increased number of samples per waveform. It is designed for use within the oil, gas, and mining industries. Battery pack can be easily replaced on-site without any tools. Developed by industry professionals to the highest possible specs.

Solution Ownership

Ownership Options

Lease Sensor with Cloud-Based Solution
  • Zero upfront costs
  • Annual subscription covers sensor, battery, and cloud-based software subscription
  • Ongoing sensor firmware updates
  • Ongoing cloud software updates
Purchase Sensor with Cloud-Based Solution
  • One-off payment includes ownership of sensor + battery
  • Annual subscription for cloud-based software
  • Ongoing sensor firmware updates
  • Ongoing cloud software updates
Purchase Sensor with On-Premise Solution
  • One-off payment for sensor and software licence
  • Runs completely offline, ideal for highly sensitive data
  • User provides server, responsible for maintenance and data backup
  • First year firmware and software updates included
  • On-going updates available for an annual fee

Want to know more?

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Cloud option, can I download and backup my own data?
Yes data can be downloaded from our cloud platform anytime.
There is existing Wi-Fi in the factory, can the sensors connect to it instead of using Agen’s gateway?
Yes, Agen’s wireless sensors can be configured to join an existing Wi-Fi network.
Can the sensor connect to my SCADA system?
Yes we have OPC UA and Modbus options for SCADA system integration.
What happens to the sensors if the Wi-Fi network is temporarily unavailable?
The sensor can take schedule recordings and auto wake up recordings even without the present of Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is unavailable, recordings will be stored in sensors and automatically uploaded to the cloud when the Wi-Fi network is resumed.
What are the options for mounting the sensor on the machine?
There are 3 options: 1. by a magnetic base, 2. by a stud threaded stainless pad that’s coupled on the machine by epoxy glue. 3. Stud mounting by tapping a thread on the machine and attaching the sensor with a grub screw.
Can I change the battery on site?
Yes battery can be easily changed on site, even in Ex Zone 2 environments. No tool is required, simply undo the cap to replace the battery in the sensor.
Typically how long will it take to deploy the sensors?
For small scale deployment (i.e. less than 50 sensors), it should typically take no more than half a day to deploy the sensors with magnetic base mounting.