Scenic Passenger Steam Train

Scenic Passenger Steam Train

The Problem:

A scenic steam train required a condition monitoring system for its wheel hub to ensure passenger safety and protect against breakdown. The train would typically embark on weeklong journeys without a WiFi system onboard.

The Solution:

Agen installed Orlando temperature and vibration sensors on each of the train’s wheels. Sensors were configured according to dynamic rules, taking measurements every two hours while the train is in motion and every 24 hours when stationary. Recordings were then stored in the sensor’s non-volatile memory.

Non-volatile memory functions a bit like an aeroplane’s “black box”; retaining data even if the battery were to go flat or the sensor partially damaged. Upon returning to the station, each sensor automatically connected to the existing WiFi network and uploaded data to the cloud with accurate timestamps.

The Result:

Though technicians observed some high shocks on the wheels, no major issues were found. Recording accurate data from every trip means that maintenance staff can confidently schedule tune-ups as needed.