Truly Scalable

Installation is a breeze

We fully harness the benefits of wireless technologies by developing a series of wireless sensors. Without depending on the site infrastructure or existing configuration, normally each of our wireless sensor takes no more than 5 minutes to install. We have gone to a great length to give the best installation experience. Our sensors don’t even have a single button because it just works out of the box. No fuss on network configuration because they are factory pre-configured to pair with our controllers.  

3 – 5 years battery life

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of battery life for wireless sensors. Currently our first generation sensors have 3 – 5 years battery life even when the sensor is continuously monitoring vibration and temperature levels and compare them against user configured thresholds, and doing scheduled measurements of time waveform and FFT. Our 2nd generation sensors are under development and we aim to achieve > 10 years of battery life.

No staff training required

Our software interface is intuitive, therefore, no additional training is required to the staff.

Unlimited software installation

Our mobile App can be installed in as many devices as required with no additional charges.