24/7 machine condition monitoring

Machine condition monitoring is carried out by installing sensors on bearing housing of rotational machines to capture parameters such as vibrations and temperature. With the aid of software, early signs of failure can be detected, allowing asset owners to have more flexibility to schedule for shutdown and maintenance. By addressing the problem early on before major and expensive failure developed, predictive maintenance can significantly reduce machine downtime and maintenance costs. The 24/7 measurement data gives the maintenance and management team peace of mind as well as a traceable record, which can be tremendously helpful for root cause analysis when one day required. Not only the measurement record provides quantitative feedback before and after major events such as commissioning, adjustment, and/or repairs, but also helps make informed decision for new asset purchases.

Traditionally 24/7 machine condition monitoring systems are only justifiable to mission critical and expensive machines. As technology advanced, this is no longer the case. Agen Limited emerged as the pioneer for providing affordable monitoring solutions. With Agen Systems, it has proven that a very decent ROI can be made on monitoring common equipment such as pumps and fans. The ROI is in forms of increased productivity as a result of machine overhaul cycle deferment and reduced regular manual inspections. As veteran vibration analyst Mark Jennings points out here, when it comes to predictive maintenance, you don’t have to have expensive monitoring instruments. With the right practice and skills, even an average monitoring system can result in significant productivity improvement. A $5,000 investment in monitoring systems can save you $1 million in production losses.